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Most beautiful journals with a holiday spirit

You can personalize Art+journal products with the name of the person you are gifting them to on the product page.

You can choose a handpainted gift box or or an elegant cotton bag. Ship the gift directly to a chosen address. 


Use the coupon code for 10 Euro discount: crnipetak-10 eur

Coupon code expires in midnight 24.11.2023.

bozicna fotografija

You can personalize Art+journal products with the name of the person you are gifting them to on the product page.

With each purchased Art+journal product you are getting FREE All-in-One planner (25 Euro value).

You can add hand painted gift box to your purchase and send the gift directly from our web shop to the person you are gifting.

What do customers say?


"I ordered customized journals for my business partners. Jelena is a wonderful person to do business with. The delivery was swift and on time. The pieces she made for us were absolutely wonderful and everybody just loved them. These journals make for truly original gifts.”

Damir T.

"Kao netko tko unato? svim tehnolo?kim spravicama i dalje voli pisati bilje?ke po rokovnicima (Djevica) i planerima, mogu re?i da ovo sigurno nije zadnji koji ?u kupiti kod Vas, ne samo sebi nego i prijateljicama za poklon, a bilje?nice da ne spominjem."


"Po?iljka je stigla ve? ju?er. Hvala Vam. Ba? je lijepo vidjeti ne?to tako lijepo. ?elim Vam puno uspjeha i inspiracije u poslu"

Danijela ?.

"I do a lot of writing, make a lot of entries so I really need lots of space. These notebooks are one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The paper quality is excellent for writing, and the cover always attracts attention and compliments wherever I am."

Maja S.

"Rokovnik je prelijep! Osobito mi se svi?a kako le?i u ruci i kako je divno mekan na dodir. Poziva da ga koristi? svako malo.

Nada B.

"Ne znam da li je u svim po?iljkama tako, ali sam miris planera me odu?evio, nijanse papira, crtovlje unutra, ilustracije, omot od bar?una, ne znam ?to mi je ljep?e. Inspiracija u paketu! Mo?da Vi mislite da ste mali brend ali ovo je stvaranje velike pri?e!"


ART+ u medijima:


Check out the most uniquely and artfully handcrafted journals and notebooks - Art+ journal!

Our products are a result of meticulous craftsmanship and intended to meet your personal needs consistently and for years. Each of these pieces is a fruit of year-round labour. Each of the illustrations is originally conceived and hand-painted, each letter hand-written. Special attention is also paid to digitalisation.

Art+ journal Art+ journal products are manufactured in small batches, using top quality materials. All illustrations are original hand-painted pieces reproduced in facsimile. No computer fonts are used; each line of text is handwritten.
Art+ journal A unique feature of Art+ journal is its modular concept which makes it a truly tailored-made journal to suit your individual needs. When you used up all the notebooks inside, you simply replace them with new ones. The cover is designed to be used for several years, and restocked with a new set of Art+ journal different notebooks you can choose from our ever-expanding selection. 

Each edition is produced in cooperation with small local artisans. Our aim is to maintain a sustainable mode of manufacture, and one which eliminates any pressure or stress from the production process so as to instil the final product with the same feel and pass it on to our customers. 

We also wish to support female artists and entrepreneurs because we strongly believe successful women add to the quality of all our lives.



ART+ journal is conceived to reflect our belief that, in addition to excellent organisation, beauty and aesthetics are just as important for a fulfilling everyday life. Why not have both? Art is so gratifying; it brings us joy and helps find our focus. That's my personal recipe for daily life!


I graduated from School of Applied Arts and Design and then got my degrees from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. Since I was 13, I knew full well that drawing and painting is what I wish to do in my life. But as life would have it, I ended up spending most of my professional life organizing and managing projects.

However, outside of my working hours, I produced audio-visual materials and other artwork I showcased in exhibitions, and even though none of this was meant to pay my bills, I did it because it made me feel happy and alive. 

Striking a healthy balance between my work life and my artistic endeavours certainly took some time and effort, but in the end, it turned out to be so worth it. I managed to finally do both – indulge my love of art and my creative urge and utilise (for my own benefit) all the experience in management and organisation I'd gained. And to create something that would help others find a similar kind of balance in their own lives. 

Jelena potpis

/Art+ Journala founder



?ivotni kaos i prokletstvo stalne dostupnosti

Suvremeni ?ivot nam je nametnuo stalnu dostupnost. Koliko god nam digitalni alati olak?avaju ?ivot, toliko su ga i opteretili. Mo?emo raditi uvijek i od svugdje. Ali ?to ako to ba? i nije u na?em interesu? ?to ako to vodi do osje?aja ?ivotnog kaosa, preoptere?enosti i...

How to break the glass ceiling?

This month will mark the 2nd anniversary of my entrepreneurial journey. The second year has passed quickly, filled with ups and downs, excitement, and doubts. When I look back at the past year, I have completely opposite feelings, and I currently believe that it's perfectly OK. Part of me yearns for overnight success, but another part knows that success comes as a reward for effort and persistence.

New museum souvenirs with a story

At the beginning of the year ART+ started the collaboration with two very special museums on development of their souvenirs. MOMAD and Museum of Apoxiomena trusted us with creation with their own branded journals and notebooks.

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